Eye Examination Service

23/7-25/7: New City 1/F, 65 Argyle Street, Mong Kok (MTR Mong Kok Station Exit D2)

*Mong Kok Mobile Eye Exam Station does not have novice wearing con teaching

Eye examination service

Measure the degree and curvature for the customer, and recommend suitable contact lenses. The eye examination service is performed by a registered optometrist

Professional eye examination services include:
-Measure the curvature of the cornea
-Check the refractive power (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia)
-Optometrists provide advice and prescriptions
-Try it for free*

Want to know more, watch Easy隱形眼鏡驗配及儀器介紹

The contact lenses in our shop are sold at a discount, so part of the cost of the eye examination service will be recovered, and the charge is $100.
Please make an appointment on this page, select the time first, and then go to the checkout. You don’t need to choose the mailing method to make an appointment for the eye examination service.
To make an appointment for an eye examination, you must complete the payment before it is deemed to be a confirmation of the appointment.
Paypal can be used to pay by credit card or bank transfer. Bank transfer must be credited within 48 hours, otherwise it will be regarded as abandoning the appointment.
Please notify us after the appointment is completed to confirm the eye examination service and follow up for you.

*At the beginning of the launch of the eye examination service, only a small amount of time is available, so stay tuned
*Please make an appointment for eye examination service on time, so as not to affect guests in the next period
*Only limited to designated brands and limited quantities, and there is no guarantee that samples can be provided
*An additional charge of $100 will be charged for wearing contact lenses for the first time, and teaching services will be provided (the mobile eye examination station does not have a novice wearing con teaching service)

If you wear contact lenses for the first time, you can make an appointment 戴Con小教室




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